Made from Scratch

This isn’t your out-of-the-box Betty Crocker cupcakes! We’ve taken great pride over the years in creating fresh, moist, and deliciously consistent gourmet cupcakes & frosting made completely from scratch.

Flavahz for Every Taste Bud

With over 20 rotating flavors, we’re sure to have a treat for every type of palate. From the people’s choice Red Velvet to our stacked S’More cupcake, don’t forget to come back regularly to check-in & see what new flavors we’ve cooked up and added to the list for you for your Nom! Nom! pleasure.

We Bake Fresh to Order

To ensure pure nom nom deliciousness, we only bake our cupcakes fresh to order and NEVER freeze for later. 

Perfect for Every Occasion

In our world, everyday is a day to celebrate! No matter whether you treat yourself for a goal accomplished, celebrating a family member or friend, birthday, wedding, anniversary, promotion or whatever the day calls for, Nom! Nom! is here to bring nothing but smiles from ear-to-ear.

We Pay A Living Wage

As an LA based company, we understand deeply the plight of the skyrocketing cost-of-living in Los Angeles. To help bridge the financial gap for many, we choose to play our part by providing honest pay for an honest days work, with a $15/hr minimum wage.